H.F. Ito has edited and translated the following books, all available through Shintaido of America ( to order, see below):

Shintaido: the Body is a Message of the Universe
by Hiroyuki Aoki
120 pages, illustrated with photos - $20
For ten years this textbook has served as a gateway and guidebook to the practice of Shintaido. Includes sections on the history and philosophy as well as detailed explanations of technique. This second printing features more information about the ten Shintaido meditation positions.

Tenshingoso and Eiko
by Hiroyuki Aoki
This booklet is for Shintaido practioners what the Diamond Sutra is for Buddhists: a concise yet thorough description of the basis of practice. Tenshingoso and eiko are two of the fundamental movements of Shintaido, which embodies philosophies and prescriptions for human growth. Contains practical advice for all levels.

The Zero Point of Consciousness and the World of Ki
by Hiroyuki Aoki
In this interview Mr. Aoki describes his experience of reaching the "space of mu" (nothingness). He also discusses the unique understanding of ki energy (life force) that he came to in synthesizing Shintaido Body Movement.

Origins, a History of Shintaido
by Shiko Hokari
One of the founding members of Shintaido relates the stories of Rakutenkai (the group that developed Shintaido), and the conditions of society and consciousness in the late 1960s in Japan. Contains insights into the continuing evolution of Shintaido forms from their earliest manifestations.


H. F. Ito Presents Body Movements of Self-Expression: Shintaido
by H. F. Ito
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In this DVD, H.F. Ito offers his innovative interpretations of selected techniques and forms of Shintaido, the "new body way," founded in Japan in the 1960s. A movement art, with deep roots in sword and karate practice, Shintaido infuses the rigorous martial arts tradition with creative expression.

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1942, Haruyoshi Fugaku Ito co-founded Shintaido of America in 1976. In 1988, he became the first practitioner awarded the International Shintaido Federation rank of Master Instructor, and in 2001, he established the Taimyo Network for Peace, an international group that transcends space and time to pray and meditate for world peace.

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Kenko Taiso Instruction
by On-Site Enterprises
This 50-minute video presents the classic Shintaido kenko-taiso warm-up sequence with detailed explanation. The 15-minute warm-up sequence, done in a standing position, is an easy-to-follow stretching and strengthening routine that is excellent for those who are relatively new to body movement. Makes an excellent gift to introduce friends to Shintaido.

Kenko Taiso Part II & III
by Gary Bernard
This video demonstrates a series of more advanced health exercises and stretches that two people can do together and an introduction to group warm-up movements. Also includes sections on self-massage and Seize meditation with the diamond mudra. Excellent for instructors or group leaders who want to broaden and expand their techniques for leading group warm-up exercises.

Roots of Shintaido
by John Seaman
"Roots of Shintaido", with footage from the 2001 West Coast winter retreat in Juarez Springs New Mexico. Two lectures by Master Instructor H. F. Ito on the history, lineage, and philosophy of Shintaido in relation to Japanese karate and sword traditions, footage showing the relation of fundamental open-hand techniques to closed-fist techniques, and bokuto movements 1-9.

by John Farquhar
Master Instructor H.F. Ito demonstrates kenko taiso (basic Shintaido warm-ups) and kata (movement forms) to healthcare providers, most of whom are novice Shintaido students. This video captures the sense of exploration and joy that beginners experience in Shintaido.

Kata and Kumite
by Bill Burtis
H.F. Ito gives instruction for kaiho-kei (opening and challenging) exercises with Michael Thompson and Robert Breant. Includes: kaiho-kei group practice, Bojutsu kata (hi no kata, kaze no kata, sho-dan, nidan), Jojutsu kata (taishi, hojo), karate kata (sanchin, tensho), kumibo (bo vs. bo) arrangements, kumitachi (sword vs. sword).


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